Momentum Galaxy

A 2D puzzle like game where you have to go through dangerous worlds to reach your home.


  • Click on gravity fields to activate them
  • Click again on activated gravity fields to deactivate them
  • Press R to restart stage
  • Press N to go to next stage
  • Press P to go to previous stage
  • Press D to display collisions bounding boxes


Design, code, music and some art by Daniel Tomás Ozalla and Vicent Bellés



Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Authorsvbelles, ticidici
Tags2D, libGDX, momentum, Physics, Zero Gravity


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i was challenged. it's a bit like my game.

I made it to the end!!! I will carry the species!! Great entry!!!

I adore puzzle and those ones are cool. The design with hero coming from southpark is coherent and clean! Really great game in the gravity theme. Well done!

Very great! I preferred the puzzle elements compared to the timing elements

i couldn't figure out the last level :( :( :( :( :(

It was not very clear, but there's really nothing to do there, just play around. I know the switches are missleading, it was just world building for the sake of it, hahaha. Sorryyyyy. Glad you liked it. :))



Good job!


What a great puzzle game. I'm impressed!